Policy store configuration fails with error "[sm-xpsxps-04120] Unable to initialize the XPS library." Configuration wizard fails to initialize the policy store for AD LDS backend store

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Policy Server falsely detects ADAM (AD LDS) directory as SiemensDirX

Simple test can be made using smladpsetup to output the directory type (NOTE this is AD LDS server)

C:\Windows\system32>smldapsetup status  -v


mode:         status


port:         11389

root:         OU=PS,DC=DHS,DC=IAM,DC=LCL

admindn:         CN=administrator,CN=Roles,CN=Configuration,CN={C3E6E606-95F9-4


--------------- Verifying LDAP settings ---------------


Directory Server: 'SiemensDirx' (16)



 Results: R12.7 will not install/configure if the backend policy store is AD LDS 

Error in the installation_configuration log:

Executable command: "C:\...AppData\Local\Temp\904320.tmp\smreg"  -su ******

STDOUT: The super user could not be saved in the policy store.


Failed to create the super user account.

Microsoft Windows 2012 server - Policy server and policy storeActive Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS - Policy store)Version: 12.7; Update: 00.00; Build: 1194; CR: 00;

Change in code in R12.7 with regards to the backend LDAP directory type detection.  This changed falsely detects ADAM (AD  LDS) directory as SiemensDirX.  The logs reports smreg -su failed however it failed because the schema file generated by smldapsetup -ldgen is blank 




Issue requires code changes - SiemensDirX is no longer a support store it has been removed 

Defects: DE313293,DE315276,DE313845

Dev-fix included in de315276

The GA release will be included in a future release 

Additional Information:

R12.6 works as expected new defect against R12.7 ONLY