Policy Server :: Unix / Linux : sm.registry

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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By default the sm.registry file is located in the installation path of the Policy Server:


In the script "ca_ps_env.ksh" which set the environments variables for the user who run the PolicyServer, there is this variable:


Is it possible to change the path of sm.registry file?
Is this a supported scenario to change its path?


The most important thing to consider is the Policy Server has hard coded the sm.registry path to <siteminder>/registry/sm.registry

If you want to move the sm.registry to another location then you need to set the SM_REGISTRY variable in the ca_ps_env.ksh file.

For e.g. If you move the <siteminder>/registry/sm.registry to /tmp/registry/sm.registry then set SM_REGISTRY in ca_ps_env.ksh as:


You will be able to run the smconsole and start the Policy Server.

Moving sm.registry file to another location is supported as the design allows the sm.registry file to be moved as long as environment variable is correctly set.