Policy Server generate a core on restart with PS 12.52SP1CR05

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I run a Policy Server, and this one generates core dumps when I stop the server.  

I got the stack from the dump and I see it crashes on that thread :

#0  0x0068f7e3 in GetJVMEnv(Sm_Api_Context_t const*) () from /opt/CA/smuser/siteminder/lib/libsmjvmsupport.so

#1  0x047a895f in SmAuthReleaseJNI () from /opt/CA/smuser/siteminder/lib/libsmauthsaml.so

#2  0x04786229 in SmAuthRelease () from /opt/CA/smuser/siteminder/lib/libsmauthsaml.so

#3  0x005ad742 in ReleaseAuthServer() () from /opt/CA/smuser/siteminder/lib/libsmauth.so

#4  0x005a14cb in CSmAuth::Release(bool) () from /opt/CA/smuser/siteminder/lib/libsmauth.so

#5  0x065b876e in Sm_PolicyApi_Release () from /opt/CA/smuser/siteminder/lib/libsmpolicyapi45.so

#6  0x08146b21 in CSmPolicyServer::vOnGlobalRelease() ()

#7  0x002b4b12 in CServer::Release() () from /opt/CA/smuser/siteminder/lib/libsmutilities.so

#8  0x081392c6 in CSmPolicyServer::~CSmPolicyServer() ()

#9  0x08152321 in SmMainUTF8(int, char**) ()

#10 0x08152219 in main ()


Policy Server 12.52SP1CR05 or below on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.7 (Santiago)

The problem is that the Policy Server tries to access a JVM instance during the shutdown.

We've modified the code to add a check for JVM instance during shutdown.

This issue happens if you are using custom code (Custom Authentication or Active Responses).



Upgrade your policy server 12.52SP1CR06

Additional Information:

Release note for 12.52SP1CR06



00420620 - DE171901

00312398 - DE142908

Policy Server generates a core dump upon stopping the server.