Policy search timeout in Iconsole

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Last Modified Date : 23/04/2018
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After user logs onto the iConsole and selects the Policy tab and go throught a policy search after about minute or so the users will get the following error/pop-up. "The Web Server is currently unavailable. Message: The operation has timed out".  Is there value or setting we can change for time-out for policy search in the iConsole?
Here are the steps to increase webservice timeout, 

To increase the timeout for large files 

* Modify a value in the web registry key on the iConsole front-end web server: 
* WebServiceTimeoutSeconds 
Data: Specifies the timeout (in seconds) for the web service running on the application server. Defaults to 100 seconds. Increase this timeout if extremely large events are failing to display in the iConsole Search Results screen. 
* If you do increase the timeout, also increase the iConsole request timeout: 
* Browse to the CA Data Protection installation folder. 
* Edit the web.config file on the front-end web server. 
* Find the httpRuntime executionTimeout attribute and set this timeout to be approximately 10 seconds longer than the WebServiceTimeoutSeconds timeout. 
If the httpRuntime executionTimeout attribute is not present in the web.config file, you can add it in this format with an appropriate value. 

<httpRuntime executionTimeout = "number(in seconds)"/> 

Restart the IIS Server for the settings to take effect.