Policy Manager cannot login to Api Gateway

Document ID : KB000100443
Last Modified Date : 07/01/2019
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The CA API Gateway was installed in docker container which was started with the docker-compose parameters: SSG_ADMIN_USERNAME: "pmadmin" SSG_ADMIN_PASSWORD: "7layer" However, when trying to login using Policy Manager with the above username and password error  shows username or password error.
CA API Gateway 9.3 in docker environment.
On database level the ssg database has admin as the username. Running following command 

mysql> select * from internal_user \G;

showed name: admin
enabled: 1

mysql> select * from logon_info \G;
fail_count: 6
login: admin

On further attempt to login through policy manager will increase the fail_count.
Reset the admin password and if user is locked then reset the user.

1. Find the mysql container id using docker ps
2. Access the container -  docker exec -it <id> bash -l
3. Go to mysql prompt
4. update logon_info set state='ACTIVE', fail_count=0 where login='admin'; 

5. UPDATE internal_user SET password='$6$S7Z3HcudYNsObgs8$SjwZ3xtCkSjXOK2vHfOVEg2dJES3cgvtIUdHbEN/KdCBXoI6uuPSbxTEwcH.av6lpcb1p6Lu.gFeIX04FBxiJ.' WHERE name='admin'; 

6. Attempt to log in via the Layer 7 Policy Manager with the original username and the password set to "password".
7. Reset the current administrative credentials to a secure password.