PLA RESUME Strategy processing active/archive logs outside of expected log range during RESUME processing.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A Log Analyzer strategy (PLA) with RESUME processing is processing logs further back in time than expected.
PLA is processing active/archive logs for a timeframe which is unexpected resulting in longer elapsed time of the job execution.
Why is PLA going back so far into the DB2 logs?


One possible reason the PLA resume strategy is referencing logs outside of the expected range is due to unresolved Inflight Units of Recovery (URID's) on the log from a previous PLA execution.
"Inflight" means that that Unit of Work has not been committed.
Once the inflight URID's are resolved, the PLA resume strategy will no longer go back so far in the logs looking for them.
If PLA is looking for these inflight URID's it will try and go through the logs to resolve the inflight URID's.
Refer to the PLA User's Guide, Execution Parameters, Log Resume. There is a note about inflight Units of work.