PIM(EP) r12.8 SP1 CR1: Should user add use_pre_clone and enable_rsc after install?

Document ID : KB000115201
Last Modified Date : 19/11/2018
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Customer installed PIM 12.8 SP1 CR1 and PAMSC r14 CR1 as fresh.
Then he found use_pre_clone and enable_rsc key in registry which is added in previous problem.
Should he add these key as manually after install products?
OS: Windows
    CA Privileged Identity Manager r12.8 SP1 CR1
    CA Privileged Access Manager Server Control r14.0 CR1
The reason registry keys use_pre_clone and enable_rsc are off by default because they are to be used only for troubleshooting purpose.
So, it does not need to add these key after install PIM.
And also, it does not need these key after upgrade from old version.
In other words, we recommend to remove this key after upgrade.
But it does not affect to system if it remains since it is same behavior although it is different code level.

enable_rsc is not affect in current version since it is very OS specific implementation.
So, currently we does not support RSC is enabled on OS side.