PF2 keys splits the screen instead of recalling the command in the LONGCMD command

Document ID : KB000123133
Last Modified Date : 18/12/2018
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When using LONGCMD in Sysview on ISPF, if I use the PF2 key to try and recall a previously entered command it splits the screen instead of recalling the command.
This happens even if I set PF2 to RECALL in the longcmd pf key profile.
Not sure how to get this to work. 
From a SYSVIEW session please enter the command: QUERY SPLITSWAP
What is the value returned in the message: QUER009I SPLITSWAP value is xxxxxxxx Is it PASSTHRU or ISPF.
We are thinking that it is set to ISPF.
From a SYSVIEW session enter the command HELP SET
Do a Find on SPLITSWAP for an explanation.
The value can be changed to PASSTHRU using either one of two methods:
Issuing the command SET SPLITSWAP PASSTHRU or entering the commands: PROFILE GENERAL Select the Miscellaneous section Do a Find on SPLIT Overtype the value.
Whichever method that you use insure that once you have made and tested the change be sure to do a PROFILE SAVE to harden the changes.