Persistent alarms not being reasserted after primary restart

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Last Modified Date : 05/07/2018
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After restarting the primary SpectroSERVER in a Fault Tolerant environment, alarms that are configured to be persistent are not reasserted.
Spectrum configured in a Fault Tolerant environment
Check the EventDisp configuration to see if it is configured to generate a unique alarm for each occurrence similar to the following:

0xfff0003e E 0 A 1,0xfff0003e,U

Reference "Specify Alarm Options" located at

If so, the primary will assert a unique alarm for each event based on the "U" at the end of the configuration. When this is sent to the secondary, the first one sent is treated as unique alarm. However, further alarms sent are not. The reason it is not treated as a unique alarm on the secondary is because it is the same alarm the same model.

Reference "Synchronization from the Primary to the Secondary SpectroSERVER" located at where it states the following:

"Two alarms are considered equivalent if they have the same ID. Alarms that are on the same model (that is, they have the same model handle) and that have the same probable cause are also considered equivalent unless they have different alarm discriminators."
To resolve this issue, you will need to reconfigure the event with an Event Discriminator. Reference "Using Event Variable Discriminators to Generate Alarms" located at

Using the configuration for the 0xfff0003e event above as an example, to use an event discriminator, the new would look like the following:

0xfff0003e E 0 A 1,0xfff0003e,2 

Using event variable "2" as an event discriminator instead of the "U".