Performance Monitor Extract job PMSMFEX, receives IEC130I SYS030 DD STMT Missing/SYS040 at IDMS release 18.0 and higher.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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SYS030/SYS040 DD Statements referenced by the Performance Monitor PMSMFEX extract were introduced at IDMS release 18.0 for Type 230 SMF records (SYS030) and SMF Type 4 records (SYS040).

At IDMS releases prior to r18.0, these records went to SYS020. Incidentally, if you left out a SYS020 DD statement in 17.0 and prior releases, you would get the IEC130I for SYS020.

Information on the new SYS030/SYS040 DD statements for PMSMFEX for 18.0 are in the CA IDMS Performance Monitor System Administration Guide, in the section titled:

Using SMF to Archive Statistics (z/OS only)


If not extracting SMF 230 or 4 records, then DD DUMMY on those statements can be used.

By the way, even if PMSMFEX is really not writing SMF type 4 or 30 records, it will attempt to open those DDNAMEs.


The DD Statements for SYS030 and SYS040 are as follows:

//SYS030 DD DSN=user.pmsmfex.outsmf30,DISP=(NEW,CATLG,DELETE),

// UNIT=disk,SPACE=(CYL,(5,2)),


//SYS040 DD DSN=user.pmsmfex.outsmf4,DISP=(NEW,CATLG,DELETE),

// UNIT=disk,SPACE=(CYL,(5,2)),