PerfMonCollector Agent Metrics do not show under Investigator.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Node "PerfMonCollectorAgent.exe" shows up, except for the Metrics.



The PerfMonCollector collects Windows Performance Counters (such as CPU, disk, network, .NET and ASP .NET) as Introscope metrics. In addition to monitoring Windows application servers, the Perfmon Collector can also monitor CA APM Enterprise Managers if they are running on Windows.

Note: For PerfMon, do not forget to disable the default Platform Monitoring in your Java and .NET agents!


Check the following items:


1. Counters should NOT disabled in the Registry: 

The counters may be disabled via registry settings. This could be a cause to not seeing metrics.

Check the following registry locations to verify that the counters have NOT been disabled.


%servicename% represents any service with a performance counter. For example: PerfDisk, PerfOS, etc.

There may be registry keys for "DisablePerformanceCounters" in any of these locations. Per the following TechNet article, this value should be set to zero. If the value is anything other than zero, then the counter could be disabled.


Also review these additional resources:


2. In the IntroscopeAgent.profile, include counters to be monitored in the following property. The default configuration is:

introscope.agent.perfmon.metric.filterPattern=|Processor|*|*,|.NET Data Provider*|*|*,|.NET CLR*|{osprocessname}|*,|.NET CLR Data|*|*,|Process|{osprocessname}|*,|ASP.NET*|*


Then restart the "CA APM PerfMon Collector Service" for the PerfMon properties to take effect. This is a required step.


If wanting to monitor  I/O (Network and Disks) then consider using this configuration (or append it to the default configuration):

introscope.agent.perfmon.metric.filterPattern=|TCPv4|*,|TCPv6|*,|Network Interface|*|*,|LogicalDisk|*|*,|PhysicalDisk|*|*