PDSMAN - All my Datasets are gone from EZYEDIT panel.

Document ID : KB000124999
Last Modified Date : 21/01/2019
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Customer uses EZEDIT to list files and perform edit and browse functions. Went into the normal EZEDIT panel to list files and now no dataset list is displayed.
How do I find my list of datasets? What happened to them?
z/OS any level
PDSAN 7.7 and above
Have your user perform the following process: 

Type an O in the function field of EZEDIT and 
then select option one(General Options). 

Then have him change (Reset DSN Variable) to Yes. 


------------------------ Ezyedit User Options ------------------------ 

Select Default (DSORG=PO) ===> EDIT (EDIT, BROWSE or VIEW) 
Select Default (DSORG=PS) ===> EDIT (EDIT, BROWSE or VIEW) 
Select Default (DSORG=VS) ===> BROWSE (EDIT, BROWSE or VIEW) 
Select Default (ASA or MC) ===> BROWSE (EDIT, BROWSE or VIEW) 

Dataset Variable Format ===> STD (STD or DATA) 
Reset Function Field ===> YES (Yes or No) 
Reset DSN/Variable # Field ===> YES (Yes, No or Entry) 
Update Project,Group,Type ===> YES (Yes or No) 
Maximum Dataset Variables ===> 86 
Initial Dataset Variable ===> 1 
Multi-Level HLQ Option ===> NO (Yes or No) 

Print Class ===> A 
Print Copy Count ===> 1 
Print Command Processor ===> EZYEDIT 

Enter required options and Press ENTER to process or END to Exit