pdm_trace process do not create file

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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pdm_trace may not create the trace file


pdm_trace to collect trace of process


        [-t nn]     -- timeout seconds (default 15)
        [procname]  -- all or part of slump name of target process
        ON          -- Start trace facility
        OFF         -- Stop trace facility
        ATTACH [proc1 [proc2...]] -- Attach processes for simultaneous trace
        NOUSER      -- Trace all user messages
        SIZE [size] -- Set size of trace table (default 25000)
        STATUS      -- Show trace status
        UNWATCH     -- Delete all watchpoints
        USER user   -- Trace <user> messages only
        WATCH file line [maxcount [regexp]] -- Set a log watchpoint
        WRITE       -- Write trace table to file


The pdm_trace may not create trace file running "pdm_trace rep_daemon ON"

Service Desk Manager 12.9 Service Desk Manager 14.1

The pdm_trace need the full process name, not the name displayed in pdm_status as rep_daemon

1/ Use slstat to found the exact name

2/ start the tracing

pdm_trace rep_daemon:XXX ON

3/ stop the tracing

pdm_trace rep_daemon:XXX OFF




Additional Information:

The same would be applied to the other process to trace. The domsrvr, web as webengine, spelsrvr, ...