Patch Manager: Packaging Failed and INF010 in PMEngine log

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Last Modified Date : 04/06/2018
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After accepting new patches in Patch Manager, they go into the PACKAGING FAILED status, and inside the ...\CA\DSM\PatchManagement\PMEngine* log you find:

DEBUG [] - acquireSession(): borrowing session from pool
DEBUG [] - connect(): Connecting to http://serverName/DSM_WebService/mod_gsoap_utf8.dll
ERROR [] - connect(): failed
FATAL [] - Error connecting to DSM Server. Reason: SME_SEC_NEED_CREDS The client must provide explicit credentials to complete authentication as unified logon is not available.
FATAL [] - Missing Resource ID:INF010

Client Automation (ITCM) -- any version
When the Patch Manager feature is selected as part of the ITCM setup process, the installer will ask for a username/password account for use by Patch Manager, to access ITCM Web Services.  The provided account is not checked by the installer to be valid (partially because ITCM may not even be installed yet), and the account specified is also unable to access ITCM Web Services, and therefore unable to register software packages with ITCM.
Change or validate the account provided here:
DSM Web Console --> Patch Manager --> Administration --> Manager
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It is HIGHLY recommended to use a SERVICE ACCOUNT, where the password never changes, or never changes very often.  Often times, an admin might specify their own user account during the ITCM setup, and once their domain password changes, Patch Manager will lose its internal connection to DSM/ITCM Web Services.

Important Note: After change the account and pressing SAVE, you need to close the browser window, and recycle the tomcat plugin:
# caf stop tomcat
(wait approx 30 seconds)
# caf start tomcat