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Last Modified Date : 14/03/2018
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You can specify a startup test that runs before the suite has begun, and a teardown test that runs after the suite has completed. The startup test and the teardown test are not included in any test statistics. Events in these tests appear in the reports. If the startup test fails, test suite testing does not continue. You can use a MAR info file as a startup or teardown test. The primary asset of the MAR info file must be a test case.
I have a Suite where I want to pass a value from one of my test cases in the Suite to the Teardown test. How do I do this?
All supported versions of DevTest.
You cannot pass a value from the test cases in the Suite to a Teardown test.

You must write out the value you need from one of the test cases to a file. Then have the Teardown test read that file.
Additional Information:
As of DevTest  10.2.4, a Teardown test from a Suite is working as designed.

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