Parameters for the PeopleSoft Adapter configuration file.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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PeopleSoft Adapter Variables detailed documentation provided below.



Important note - Not all variables will work in all versions of the adapter and people soft.

All variables are for use within the adapters config file unless specified for command line or auto remotes environment. Unless specified setting the variable =1 will turn it on and =0 or removing the variable turns it off.

Command line switches

-Z                Peoplesoft server override eg PSUNX or PSNT
-T                Display Time stamp in adapters log file
-J                Job set job name if jobset name is not unique
-V                Folder name for sqr report folder within peoplesoft
-1                Custom parameter for specifying a switch to replace from peoplesoft
-Q                PS cmd line used instead of adapters in 7.x sqr same as setting variable PSOFT_PS7XCMD
-Y                Do not use the default oper id in the distribute list

Standard Variables

PSOFT_ODBC        System DSN
PSOFT_ACCESSID    Access ID with Database system administrator's privilege
PSOFT_ACCESSPSWD  Access Password of above access id
PSOFT_DBTYPE      Database type, choose one from following: MICROSFT, ORACLE, SYBASE, INFORMIX, DB2400
PSOFT_DBNAME      Database name of PeopleSoft database
PSOFT_FTPID       FTP Login ID to Web server
PSOFT_FTPPSWD     FTP Login Password to web server

Standard Sections

[ENV_SCHEDULE] - This section is loaded after the process scheduler section from the peoplesoft config file psprcs.cfg

Addition Variables

PSOFT_REG=0                  Do not use variables from registry (windows only)
PSOFT_PRCSLOCK=?             Disable table locking (7.x only)
PSOFT_RC_VAL=N               Do not validate run ctrl id (default)
PSOFT_FORCE_POST             Force posting of output file to ftp site
PSOFT_SERVER                 Informix, Sybase server name for meta string %%SERVER%%
PSOFT_OWNERID                DB2 Owner id for meta string %%OWNDER%%
PSOFT_CONNECT                Database time out value default=30(Unix only)
PSOFT_SDLR                   Enable people soft scheduler 8.x and above
PSOFT_USRTYPEFRMT            Force user type format 
PSOFT_FORCE_SQR_EMAIL        For sqr process to send email with subject and content
PSOFT_RUNSTATUS_CHANGE_ONLY  When scheduler is running job this causes only changes in the
                             jobs run status to be logged
PSOFT_LP                     script for printing to file with -p command line
PSOFT_EXCLUSIVE=0            Turns off serial running of certain reports on nt.
PASSWORD_CRYPT               Password encryption
DEFAULTPRINTER               Default Printer
ADHOC_OUTPUTDEST             Adhoc output destinstation
USE_PSSQR_TMPFILE            Write program name and connect string to a file so they cannot be seen by ps -ef
USE_PSAE_TMPFILE             Write program name and connect string to a file so they cannot be seen by ps -ef
APPEND_OUTLISFILE=NO         If to append .lis to output destination directory (default - Yes)
OUTPUTDEST                   Output destination override
RegProfileName               Registry profile name override(NT only)

Debug Variables

PSOFT_DUMPENV=1    Adatper list in the log file current environment variables
PSOFT_META=1       shows meta string in log file
FTP_DEBUG=1        FTP script is not deleted
PSOFT_DEBUG=1      same as -D option but turns debugging on for all jobs instead of changing command lines
PSOFT_TIMESTAMP=1  Time stamping for all jobs.

AutoRemote Variables

The following variable must be present in the environment before the adapter start running...

ADAPTER_EXEC=1           See arguments for command line
ADAPTER_KEY=1            See .license debugging info
ADAPTER_PUTENV=1         Display things added to environment
ADAPTER_GETENV=1         Display things got from the environment
ADAPTER_STAT=1           Run file command during adapter_stat()
NO_SENDEVENT=1           Disable sendevent program
ADAPTER_HB               Heart beat interval default=4 
ADAPTER_POLL             Poll time
ADAPTER_GLOBAL_DEBUG     Debugging for all jobs instead of -D command line option
ADAPTER_GLOBAL_TIMESTAMP Timestamp for all jobs instead of -T command line option
ADAPTER_IMPORTENV        Show variable being set during import
NO_COMMENTS              Disable comments to the ep
NO_SETSTATUS             Disable status to ep

The following only used by the Adhoc Schedueler

# for Ad HOC jobs
# when working with PeopleTools 7.5+, the adapter will
# the following section to the environment AFTER processing
# /disk2/Peoplesoft8/appserv/prcs/<DBNAME>/psprcs.cfg
# the following sections are used by the Ad Hoc Rescheduler as a template
# for the command attribute when generating JIL.
# The customer may change these (at his own risk).
command: auto_ps7 -i%%INSTANCE%% PS_INS %%RUNCNTLID%% %%PRCSNAME%% %%OPRID%%
command: auto_ps7 -jae -i%%INSTANCE%% PS_INS %%RUNCNTLID%% %%PRCSNAME%% %%OPRID%%
command: auto_ps7 -jsr -i%%INSTANCE%% PS_INS %%RUNCNTLID%% %%PRCSNAME%% %%OPRID%%
command: auto_ps7 -jsp -i%%INSTANCE%% PS_INS %%RUNCNTLID%% %%PRCSNAME%% %%OPRID%%
command: auto_ps7 -jsu -i%%INSTANCE%% PS_INS %%RUNCNTLID%% %%PRCSNAME%% %%OPRID%%
command: auto_ps7 -jcr -i%%INSTANCE%% PS_INS %%RUNCNTLID%% %%PRCSNAME%% %%OPRID%%
command: auto_ps7 -jrb -i%%INSTANCE%% PS_INS %%RUNCNTLID%% %%OPRID%%