Parameterized lookup does not work in Create layout view when display type is set to "Pull Down"

Document ID : KB000045769
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Parameterized lookup does not work in Create layout view when display type is set to "Pull Down". 

Environment: 14.3, 14.4

Steps to reproduce: 

1. Create a Static lookup 

2. Hidden Key should be LOOKUP_ENUM 

3. There will be only 2 lookup values: Milestone(ID:1), Key Task(ID:2) 

4. Create an attribute on Task object with ID "ca_parent" and Datatype=Lookup. 

5. Choose the lookup created in step 1 

6. Create a dynamic Query lookup based on the above attribute NSQL below: 





  from prtask tsk, odf_Ca_task odft 

  where tsk.prid = 

  and odft.ca_parent = @WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:INTEGER:ca_parent@ 

  and tsk.prprojectid = @WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:INTEGER:projectID@ 

  and @filter@ 

7. Set the display name as "TSK_NAME" 

8. Create another attribute in TAsk object with ID "ca_child" and Datatype=Lookup 

9. Choose the lookup created in step 6 

10. Click on Save. 

11. On the same attribute page, select the lookup parameter mapping as Projected->mapped to prprojectid and Ca_parent->mapped to ca_parent 

12. Add both the 'ca_parent' and 'ca_child' attributes on Task Create page. 

13. Change the display type for these fields to 'drop-down'. 

14. From the Home page, open any project and create a task with the 'CA Parent' attribute set as 'Milestone'. 

15. For the same project, create another task with 'CA Parent' attribute set as 'Key Task'. 

16. Now create another task and select 'CA Parent' as 'Milestone' and check the dropdown list of 'CA Child' attribute.

Expected Result: It should list the task name created in step 15.

Actual Result: It does not display any values.

Cause: Issue is due to defect CLRT-79907


The issue only occurs when the display type of the attributes are set to "Pull down". Change the display type of 'CA_Child' attribute on create page from 'drop down' to 'Browse'. Repeat step 16 and ca_child attribute will show the list with the Task created in step 15.


This known issue is reviewed by both Sustaining Engineering and Product Management team and they have decided to keep this away from the current road map. This was decided due to the fact that this issue was being reported by only one customer so far and also there is a simple workaround to avoid this issue. The impact is also minimal as the issue only appears in Create Layout view and valid only for the Dependent lookups. 

This has been decided if there are more users reporting the same in the future, they can contact CA Support and they can open a new request to fix this.