PAM HTML Web SSO auto login failed for Web Portal access when specified Launch URL is redirected

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Last Modified Date : 19/07/2018
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I have setup a TCP/UDP Service for TIBCO ActiveMatrix Web Portal access with CA PAM HTML Web SSO Auto Login method. It failed with the following error message.
  Auto login timeout expired, possibly due to wrong credentials. Please contact your administrator.
And may be accompanied by the following error message.
  Web portal connection to '<Service Name>' failed. Network mount for session recording unavailable.

HTML Web SSO Auto Login Error
Learn Procedure for CA PAM HTML Web SSO has been done properly and saved. Without Auto Login enabled, I can key in the credential and login to the Web Portal.
PAM 3.x
In TCP/UDP Service for this TIBCO ActiveMatrix Web Portal setup the following Launch URL has been specified.
  http://<Local IP>:8120/amxadministrator/viewstatus.jsp
And this URL is redirected to
  http://<Local IP>:8120/amxadministrator/loginForm.jsp

HTML Web SSO Auto Login failed because specified Launch URL is redirected.
Change the TCP/UDP Service setup to have Launch URL that is not redirected.
Additional Information:
Refer to Configure Automatic Login to Web Portals online documentation for more information.