PAM-CMN-0155; User super was not updated

Document ID : KB000118388
Last Modified Date : 19/11/2018
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This document is valid for any 3.x.x release of CA PAM. As of this writing the highest available CA PAM version is 3.2.2, in which this document has been verified.
How can the error message "PAM-CMN-0155; User super was not updated" fixed and successfully change the password for the 'super' user for a new deployment.
CA PAM 3.x.x
This deployment can be on premise (ESX), AWS or in Azure environments.
To fix the problem and for being able to change the 'super' user password successfully follow the steps outlined below.
- Contact CA Support for being able to connect to CA PAM host using Putty / SSH
- Once connected to the CA PAM host, connect to cspm db
- mysql
- use cspm;
- Verify that the user 'super' is present in the admin table.
- Mysql command for this is "select * from admin where gkuserid =1; " (without the double quotes)
- In the result, the adminAccountID column should be listing 'super'
- If this user is missing from the above table, do a reset DB
- To reset the DB, Configuration-->Database-->Reset
- After the DB is reset, CA PAM does reboot as well
- After the reboot is completed do verify that the 'super' user id exists in the admin table in the cspm DB
- Once the super user exists, in here, login and the password reset should be successful.