OWB: Saving changes to Clarity puts you in a loop of save messages if changes were made in Clarity to a resources allocation, and you try to close the project in OWB.

Document ID : KB000024048
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When another user is allowed to edit allocations for a project locked in Open Workbench, the project will not close the project/program window and release the lock in Clarity after saving changes in OWB.  The changes in OWB are saved to Clarity, but OWB does not close and it is stuck in a loop unless you close without saving.


Steps to Reproduce:

Assumption: Admin Tools > Project Management > Settings - 'Allow Edit of Allocations when Project is Locked' is checked.

  1. Create a project
  2. Create task1 and task2
  3. Add resource1 and resource2 to the team
  4. Assign resource1 to task1 and resource2 to task2
  5. Launch the project in OWB
  6. Change the etc on both assignments to 20 hours
  7. Autoschedule
  8. Save the project back to Clarity and close OWB
  9. Launch the project to OWB
  10. In Clarity change to Edit Mode on the Team page
  11. Edit resource1's default allocation to 50%
  12. In OWB change task2's ETC to 100
  13. Save the project back to Clarity
  14. You get the warning: Project CA Clarity PPM\Test1 in CA Clarity PPM has changed while open in Open Workbench. If you continue the save, some changes may be discarded. Continue?
  15. Answer Yes
  16. Close the project in OWB
  17. You now get the message Save changes to CA Clarity PPM\Test1
  18. You should not get this message as you just successfully saved the project.
  19. Answer Yes
  20. You now get the message: This version of project CA Clarity PPM\Test1 appears to be older than the version in CA Clarity PPM. Changes could be lost if you continue. Are you sure you want to force the save? - you should not get this message.
  21. Click Yes and you get the force save message again. Click Yes and try to close the project in OWB.

Expected Result: When trying to close the project in OWB the first time to not get the save message.

Actual Result: If you keep clicking on Yes to save the project and try to close the project in OWB you end up in a loop of the various save messages.



Applies to all supported PAS environments for CA Clarity version 12.1.  


Caused by CLRT-48071, CLRT-56644


Resolved in CA Clarity 12.1.1


Answer No on the Save message when trying to close the project in OWB. The changes you made were saved after the first save was performed.


Additional Information:

Reference Release Notes and CA PPM Resolved Defects Index for CA Clarity 12.1.1