OWB Row Height Changes Revert Back to Default

Document ID : KB000124446
Last Modified Date : 19/02/2019
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When manually resizing individual rows in Open Workbench (OWB), as soon as any Task is selected, all the resized rows snap back to their original height. OWB is used to track project schedules in working with PPM/Clarity. 

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a project with tasks with a long name
2. Export the project to OWB
3. The task name wraps, but the row height does not adjust to fit the entire wrapped text due to DE30920
4. Manually adjust the height of the first task row
5. Then either:
- Click on the number of any row
- Click on the name of another task
- Click on the cell of the Name column to create a new task
- Create a new task and type 'Enter' on the keyboard

Note: The issue is consistently reproducible by clicking on the number of any row or by creating a new task and clicking on 'Enter' on the keyboard. The issue is intermittently reproducible with the other two actions.

Expected Results: The row height that was manually adjusted on the task on Step 4 remains.
Actual Results: The row height reverts back to the default height on all tasks.
Caused by DE42896
DE42896 has been targeted to be fixed in our upcoming PPM 15.6 release.