Overview of a New Roscoe Install

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Roscoe is a SMP/E install and it is relatively simple.

Before beginning, review the Roscoe Install Guide, beginning with Chapter 4.

The real installation begins with STEP 8. See Section 4.9. Some notes and tips on the install follow.

Step 9. has two parts- a & b. Be sure to do step b (create the RO60ZONE) as well as a. Not doing step b will cause problems later.

Step 13. Is allocating & formatting the AWS data sets. Depending on the number of users and the number of Roscoe's you will have running, you may have to create a number of sets of AWS files. For every Roscoe running you need a set of AWS data sets. Remember that the AWSAWS# parameter is the maximum number of users*2 that could be on Roscoe at any time.

Step 14. Allocate & format Roscoe Libraries (ROSLIBS). The ROSLIBS can be shared accross multiple Roscoe systems. Make sure that they are big enough to hold the data.

Step 15. Restores selected profiles from the tape to the ROSLIBS.

Step 16. A SMP/E job to define ROSGBL. Check the parameters.

Step 17. Probably unnecessary.

Step 18. This can be done later. This sets up the printer network.

Step 19. Do you want Roscoe accounting? SMS? If not - turn it off or the files may fill up and cause problems later.

Other Information

For JES2, you may want to assemble ROJES2XT. Then it will have to be installed (EXIT5). You will have to IPL for it to be active, but it will help with printing jobs from Roscoe. This is optional.

You will also have to set up the Roscoe SYSIN parameters. There is a list of the Roscoe sysin parameters in the Roscoe Programs & Utilities Guide. Read over the Roscoe section (Chapter 1) in the Programs and Utilities Guide to get an idea of the various Roscoe parameters and what they do.

Any monitors must be specified as RUN=xxx


If you are to run multiple Roscoe's, you will have to specify a ROSID=parameter.

When Roscoe starts, the parameters are listed on SYSPRINT, followed by a dump of ROSGLB and a cross reference of the entry points of the Roscoe modules.