Output destinations have disappeared after upgrade

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Last Modified Date : 25/04/2018
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I have just upgraded to IDEAL R15 and the user is testing and has issued Display Output Destinations.
Prior to the upgrade there were lots defined , now there is none!!!
Customer upgrading IPC to 15.0 or 15.1 and executing VQUPG01. 
z/os, CA Datacom/DB / IPC 15.1
Prior executing VQUPG01 in IPC 15.0 (and 15.1) please read the notes included in the job: 

//*>>>> NOTE#1:                                                          
//*      Because ADRLIB contains USER JOBCARDS and other site specific   
//*      members, you should allocate the ADRLIB for R15 with the same   
//*      space requirements as your R14 ADRLIB. Also, you should         
//*      review the ADRPNL and ADROUT Datasets to make sure the          
//*      allocation of these Datasets are also adequate for your site.   
//*>>>> NOTE#2:                                                          
//*      If you make extensive use of the PRINT SUBSYSTEM (PSS) you may  
//*      need to copy your printer definitions from the Old ADROUT File  
//*      to the New one. If this is the case you should perform the      
//*      following steps before running this JOB:  
//*      1. Determine the PSS "SYSTEM NAME" and "DESTINATION TABLE NAME"
//*         online via IPCV (OR DDOL OR IDEA) use the                   
//*         "SET OUT SITE" command to get this information.             
//*         The "DESTINATION TABLE NAME" by default is  @PSSDST@        
//*         and "SYSTEM NAME" default is PSS.                           
//*      2. Edit and uncomment the commands to copy/rename the PSS      
//*         DESTINATION TABLE.                                          
//*      3. Review PGM=VLSUTIL and its New Functions in the             
//*         CA IPC Implementation Guide For z/OS Version 15.0.          

---------------------------  Attention - Attention:

//*>>>>NOTE#2     does not exist in 15.1.   and jcl mentioned in 15.0 has been removed to simplify the JCL assuming that customers are now aware.    
Note#2 from 15.0 VQUPG01 can still apply to 15.1.