Our hardware reconciliation rule matches on serial number. What is the data flow and what database tables are used during hardware reconciliation between APM 12.9/14.1 and SAM 4.1?

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Hardware reconciliation is the process of linking the devices discovered on the network with the assets that are owned.  

Owned assets provide IT asset information from a financial and ownership perspective.  

Discovered assets provide information about the assets that an enterprise is using or has deployed.


Our hardware reconciliation rule matches on serial number.  
When hardware reconciliation runs, what is the data flow between SAM and APM, including the database tables? 

CA Asset Portfolio Management 12.9, 14.1

CA Software Asset Manager to CA Asset Portfolio Management data flow for hardware reconciliation, using APM 12.9/14.1:

1. The SAM Import Export service (scheduled job) runs on the SAM server and determines the SAM devices that are to be added/updated or deleted. 

2. The assets to be added/updated or deleted csv data files are created on the SAM server and sent to the APM server, to the CA\ITAM\Import driver\input directory. 

3. The APM data importer processes the adds/updates/deletes against the al_discovered_hardware table. 

4. The reconciliation service runs and compares the data in the al_discovered_hardware to the data in the ca_owned_resource table to see what 'matches' based on the hardware reconciliation rule.  If there is a match, then the 'match' record is written to the arg_reconcile_links table. 
(For a delete, a row is removed from the arg_reconcile_links table.  A device deleted in SAM does not delete the device in APM, it only removes the 'match link'.) 

5.  If the reconciliation rule is also set to process updates, then the fields chosen for 'update' will be read from the al_discovered_hardware table and updated on the ca_owned_resource table for the assets that have those fields changed. 

Additional Information:

Additional information about the hardware reconciliation process can be found in our online documentation: