OTA Version is not Compatible with the Application Lifecycle Management Server

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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One of the following errors are received in the rallylog.log on a failed operation with the Rally Connector for Quality Center:

[2013-10-29 12:00:13 Z] ERROR : QCConnection.initialize - (in OLE method
`Login': )
OLE error code:80047535 in <Unknown>
OTA version is not compatible with the Application Lifecycle
Management server

2013-11-12 04:50:54 Z - QCConnection.initialize - (in OLE method `Login': )?
OLE error code:800403EA in <Unknown>?
Failed to Login?
HRESULT error code:0x80020009?
Exception occurred.?

(Note: The OLE code number can vary, this article should still be relevant to logging which reports an OTA version issue)


This most commonly occurs when maintenance for upgrade is performed by the HP Quality Center administration team. ?The connector client system still maintains the .dll version on the local system from the previous server version. ?This can also occur when the OTAClient.dll is corrupt or invalid.




(assumes IE9 or higher):
  • Use Internet Explorer 9 (or greater) to access the initial page for QC. For example, if you installed HP ALM 12 on a server named almserve and configured it to service connections on port 8080, you would navigate to http://almserve:8080/qcbin.
    1. Once the initial page displays with a panel of links, click the?Tools?link.
    2. On the resultant Application Life Cycle ? Tools page, click the?HP ALM Connectivity?link.
    3. Once the HP ALM Connectivity Tool page displays, click the?Download HP ALM Connectivity?link at the bottom of that page.
    4. A download dialog panel displays asking you to select either Run | Save | Cancel. While you can select Run, we suggest you first save the TDConnect.exe file (10 MB) and run it after the download completes. When you run the downloaded.exe, it takes under a minute to run and displays an alert dialog with the installation disposition (completed or failed).
      • You must download the new OTA.DLL for HP ALM 12 before using the new connector.
    5. Upon successful installation, the necessary DLL files are in place for use by the connector.

For HP QC/ALM 11 and earlier

(assumes usage of?IE8 or IE9. ?HP Quality Center requires usage of these browser versions)

Perform the following steps on the connector system:
1. ?Clear all IE cache data (ensure you don't have "Preserve Favorites website data" checked
2. ?Delete all files in "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\HP" (or equivalent for Windows XP)
User-added image
3. ?Access your QC URL with only "/qcbin" at the end with IE
4. ?Click "Add-Ins Page" link
User-added image
5. ?Click "HP ALM Client Registration" link
User-added image

6. ?This may take some time, including a warning in IE9 that the page has locked up. ?Be patient and allow it to finish.
7. ?After this has installed, from the "Add-Ins Page", click "HP Quality Center Connectivity" link
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If issues still exist after performing these operations, Rally recommends opening a support request with HP support in order to ensure the OTAClient.dll on the connector client system matches the version available from the HP Quality Center server.

Please also refer to the?Installation & User Guide for Rally's Connector to Quality Center?to ensure that you are indeed on a supported version of Quality Center.