Orchestrator installation fails with Hibernate JAR file error message.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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During fresh Orchestrator installation, not part of an upgrade, the installation may fail with an error message similar to:


“Copy the correct hibernate jar file into the following directory:

C:\Program Files\CA\PAM\server\c2o\ext-lib”


And the only option available is to click the "OK" button.



During an installation, a log file can be reviewed under "..CA\PAM\server\c2o" called 'installation.log', which may have the following messages:

<INFO  2018-01-23 15:40:45,307 JbossInstallerAction::info> Unzipping : jboss.zip
<INFO  2018-01-23 15:41:18,862 JbossInstallerAction::info> Copying JBoss zip
<INFO  2018-01-23 15:41:19,615 JbossInstallerAction::info> Copying JBoss completed
<INFO  2018-01-23 15:41:19,619 BaseLogger::info> Executing pre-condition of Display Progress of JBoss screen  isactivemqalreadyinstalled=false
<INFO  2018-01-23 15:41:19,633 ActiveMQInstallerAction::info> Unzipping : activemq.zip
<ERROR 2018-01-23 15:41:21,673 ActiveMQInstallerAction::error> Error installing activemq
java.io.IOException: El volumen para un archivo ha sido alterado externamente, por lo que el archivo abierto ya no es válido

<INFO  2018-01-23 15:41:21,677 BaseLogger::info> Executing pre-condition of Install Third Party Jars Screen
<INFO  2018-01-23 15:41:21,689 ThirdPartyInstall::info> Copying third party jars.
<INFO  2018-01-23 15:41:21,689 ThirdPartyInstall::info> copying netx to /thirdparty
<ERROR 2018-01-23 15:41:21,706 ThirdPartyInstall::error> Error occured while copying third party files
java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:\thirdparty\netx\netx.jar (El sistema no puede encontrar la ruta especificada)

<INFO  2018-01-23 15:41:21,708 BaseLogger::info> Executing pre-condition of Display Progress of Hibernate Screen
<ERROR 2018-01-23 15:41:21,725 HibernateInstallerAction::error> Hibernate installation action failed
java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:\hibernate\hibernate-3.0.jar (El sistema no puede encontrar la ruta especificada)



This can be caused by a wrong environmental configuration related to Java, the following link explains what is needed:


JDK Prerequisites


The following must be verified before running Orchestrator installation:

1.- Install a supported Java version (not older than 1.7.0_45).

2.- Create JAVA_HOME system variable.

3.- Add "%JAVA_HOME%\bin" folder to PATH system variable.