Oracle Probe Metrics Not Shown under Host in which UIM Robot is Installed

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Last Modified Date : 03/01/2019
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We have Installed UIM Robot in one of our Linux Server. Created profile to Monitor CPU, Memory and Disk. It works fine. We have created profile for Oracle Monitoring . There is no Metrics related to Oracle Database shown under Host. Instead it shows as different Device with no device information.
Problem: DXI - IM is not reconciling monitored oracle servers with the local robot installed on the Oracle server itself.
The result is there are two devices in the inventory. One for the robot with the "cdm" probe.
The second is a device created for the Oracle database server.
The device created for the Oracle database server gets created with the DEV_ID as its name
or the name of the Monitoring Host robot where the profile was created.

Steps to Reproduce:
1- Configure an Oracle Server on Linux (RHEL or Centos) with oracle database.
2- Install a robot on the Oracle database server (manual method)
3- Configure a "Monitoring Host" and Oracle monitoring profile to point
    to the Oracle database server. Enable some metrics....
4- You will see two devices get created. 

 The product documentation has been updated to document the requirement for ORACLE_HOME to be set in the root profile or the Nimsoft\robot\robot.cfg file.
For example:
      LD_LIBRARY_PATH = /oracle/app/oracle/product/12.2.0/dbhome_1/lib:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
      ORACLE_HOME = /oracle/app/oracle/product/12.2.0/dbhome_1