ORA-1652: unable to extend temp segment by xxxx in tablespace xxxxxxx

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Reports have stopped showing recent polled data, and I see the following errors in the system.log file.

ORA-1652: unable to extend temp segment by 1250 in tablespace NH_DATA01
$NH_HOME/logs/system.log error: Pgm nhiPoller[Net]: Sql Error occured during operation  (ORA-01403: no data found)
$NH_HOME/logs/system.log error: Pgm nhiPoller[Net]: Unable to add 'network element' data to the database, dropping this poll


ORA-1652 errors occur due to the failure of Oracle to automatically extend a datafile within an Oracle table space. The eHealth Oracle database is configured to automatically extend each datafile within a table space when the datafile in question does not have enough available free contiguous blocks within the target datafile to store data being written from the database buffer cache.
This error will occur is if a datafile has reached the maximum size of 32 GB.


eHealth (all supported versions)
All supported platforms


Add an additional data file to the tablespace. To add an additional datafile, run the following command.

nhManageDbSpace -add -newPath [PATH] -tablespace NH_INDEX01 -size 2000M

where [Path] is the first portion of the location of the database. For example, if your database is saved to /oradata/oradata/EHEALTH, the command you would use to add a datafile to NH_INDEX01 would be:

nhManageDbSpace -add -newPath /oradata -tablespace NH_INDEX01 -size 2000M

The nhManageDbSpace command is hard coded to add /oradata/{Oracle SID} to any [PATH] you provide.

Additional information:

For detailed information on using the nhManageDbSpace command, please review the eHealth Command and Environment Variable Reference Guide