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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Customer had set BROWSEMAX=400.000 and ARCHIVETRIGGER=500.000, so he lost LOG records because he did not archive all of his OPSLOG.
To correct this, you may either increase BROWSEMAX or decrease ARCHTRIGGER.
The following gives some thoughts, what would be preferrable:


If you adapt BROWSEMAX and set it higher than ARCHTRIGGER, please note:
to change BROWSEMAX, you will need to reallocate the OPSLOG and recycle OPS
Browsemax should be balanced between the amount of messages, that you need for online viewing and the amount of storage devoted to keep the OPSLOG in.

The number of messages is limited to not exceede 100.000 per OPSLOG:

Set or modify this parameter...

  1. Stop CA OPS/MVS.

  2. Delete the OPSLOG DIV data set.

  3. Allocate a new OPSLOG data set.

  4. Restart CA OPS/MVS, using a different BROWSEMAX value.

Default value: 400.000
Recommendation: Set BROWSEMAX parameter to at least 800.000.
Larger sites may need to set this parameter even higher, potentially up to the maximum of 4.925.000, depending on the number of messages, you will log during one week and depending upon your console traffic.

Setting ARCHTRIGGER smaller than BROWSEMAX can be done with a command.
(and ARCHTRIGGER should be changed in OPSSPA00 accordingly in order to have this value remembered at next OPS start)

Example: The archive job is triggered after 300.000 messages:

Set or modify this parameter...

Default value: 0
Recommendation: This value should be smaller than (about half the size of) the value of the BROWSEMAX parameter so that the archive has time to complete before the OPSLOG wraps. - E.g.: If you have set BROWSEMAX = 1000000 then ARCHIVETRIGGER should be set around = 500000