OPSMVS on SYSH Ran out of Storage

Document ID : KB000124230
Last Modified Date : 08/01/2019
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At 08:45, the automation task OPMMAIN used up all its available storage which prevented it from starting CICS regions. This was due to the task being up since 12/1/18. We recycled OPMMAIN which cleared its storage usage to normal levels. We are sending a dump in so that you can diagnose what may have caused the storage issue.
We called the client and discussed the problem they experienced with running out of storage in the OPSMAIN asid.

Short term recommendations include reducing the parameter values that factor into the size of Process blocks AND the recycling of OPSMAIN more often than they have.

Longer term recommendations revolve around better control of Dynamic rules - avoid common subroutines that are not absolutely necessary, don't disable a Dynamic rule only to enable it at a later time.

Reduce the parameter values that pertain to the size of a Process block where possible, AOFSIZE was a big one here. Set parameter values by each image rather than all images, where applicable. For dynamic rules, review the possibility of enabling and leaving enabled, don't use unnecessary common subroutines. They also indicated that they will be converting APPC MSF links to CCI which will reduce storage in OPSMAIN.