Operator console Messages appear during PDA jobs. How can this be prevented?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If we run a PDA extract job we get messages appearing on the operator console e.g.


Why is this appearing and can we stop it?


This is driven by the "WTOR Code" field, displayed when you submit the PDA Extract Procedure. If you set this to 00 and regenerate the PDA jcl for the extract the messages should stop.

Description and Values for the "WTOR Code" field are as follows (taken from online help) :

Description: Enter the WTOR (Write to Operator with Reply) routing code. The WTOR routing code causes PDA messages to be sent to one or more operator consoles and the system log.

The operator must take some action before execution continues. Therefore, before you begin sending messages to system consoles, make sure you understand the consequences. The routing code is two-digits in length. The following shows some examples.

    Values:  0   Ignored.  No WTOR messages are issued. 
             1   Master Console Action (Reply is STOP).  
            11   Programmer Information (your terminal or job log).