Opening MSP stops at 'Connecting to PPM' step

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Last Modified Date : 17/05/2018
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When attempting to open projects from PPM to Microsoft Project (MSP), the project doesn't open and stops at step 'Connecting to PPM'.

The 'Connecting to PPM' is displayed in the bottom right hand corner of MSP if using the MSP New Driver. 
This is typically due to missing Proxy information when logging in to MSP or a setting configuration in PPM. If you previously entered proxy details in the MSP Interface, but then did a reinstall or upgrade of the MSP Interface, the proxy details will need to be entered again post install of the MSP Interface.
There are a couple of common solutions to this issue listed below.

Solution 1: Enter Proxy Information when logging in to MSP if using a Proxy (This is needed after upgrading the MSP Connector as the proxy information is removed when upgrading)

Steps to enter Proxy information below:

1. Close out of MSP if it is currently open
2. Reopen MSP
3. Click on the CA PPM Integration tab and click the 'Open' icon
4. Click the Setup button in the MSP Login screen
5. Populate the Proxy Host and Port # 

To find the proxy information:

  • Find the proxy URL if using Internet Explorer (IE) by going to IE > Tools > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings > Copy the address under the 'Automatic Configuration' section 
  • Enter the address copied in step 1 on a new IE tab 
  • This should download a Wpad.dat file. Save that file on the desktop, and open it in Notepad.
  • Search for proxy 
  • That should direct you to the proxy URL and port # needed
(Alternatively, check with your network administrator for the Proxy server and port information.)

6. Open the project again from PPM to MSP, it should now open successfully. 

Solution 2: Ensure 'External Authentication' is checked for the user in PPM (If LDAP is configured in PPM and the allow non-ldap users option is checked)
To do this:

1. In PPM, go to Administration->Resources, and click on the link to the Resource
2. If the 'External Authentication' field is visible, check the check box if it is not already checked
3. Click 'Save and Return'

See the following Tech Tip for more details on Login issues with SSO at: CA Clarity Tuesday Tip:  XOG, OWB, and MSP login failures with SSO 
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