Opening IM console corrupts MCS cdm disk config

Document ID : KB000123177
Last Modified Date : 31/01/2019
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To check the Disk configuration after deploying new "Disk(s)" profile in UMP/MCS, the IM console will display the disks as "NA".
User-added image
UIM 8.51 SP1
cdm 5.80-MC
cdm_mcs_templates 5.80
(or cdm_mcs_templates 6.33 is not deployed correctly)

Download "cdm_mcs_templates" version 6.33 or later to the archive.
Deploy the new "cdm_mcs_templates" to the primary hub.
Delete any "Disk(s)" profiles created previously in UMP.  Wait for the profile deletion to complete.
Create a new profile, but using the "Default Disk(s)" in UMP.
Additional Information:
Run this query to ensure that:
1- "Default Disk(s)" is version "2.55" or later
2- Production flag for "Default Disk(s)" version 2.55 is set to "1"
select templatename,probe,probeversion,production,version
from ssrv2template
where templatename like '%Disk(s)';