Opening DSM Reporter, the error below may occurs: “The DSM Reporter is not connected to a database and a DSM domain. Unable to Retrieve Database Properties from Manager:<FQDN>. COAPI Returned:249

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Opening the DSM Reporter, it may happen that the error below could appear:

“The DSM Reporter is not connected to a database and a DSM domain.
The following messages were retrieved from a non-localized, detailed trace log and may be helpful in further diagnosing the problem:
Unable to Retrieve Database Properties from COAPI Returned:249
cAmo: Domain->Init failed
Data Manager - Unable to initialize ITRM domain “

In the logs we could see the below lines

251116-14:38:42.4618403L|006764|00001d20|REPORTER |amLogAndNotify |cAmoLog.h |000387|ERROR | Unable to Retrieve Database Properties from COAPI Returned:249

It confirms the error mentioned above

the authentication of the reporter certificate is mentioned below

251116-14:38:42.4430050L|006764|00001d20|REPORTER |CFSMCAPI |CFSMCAPI |000000|DETAIL | SmiSession::AuthenticateSessionTransact : Peer says I authenticated as x509cert://dsm r11/cn=sia reporter access,o=sia spa,c=it

The mdb table "ca_security profile" must have the same value otherwise we will get the error

In this example there was a difference because the mdb table had the below default certificate

0xB53C91955220E644874D390B15D93945,x509cert://dsm r11/cn=reporter access,o=computer associates,c=us,Reporter database password access,NULL,1,105,0,-1,0

and hence the validation was failing as showed below

"cn=sia reporter access,o=sia spa,c=it"
"cn=reporter access,o=computer associates,c=us"







All Windows

This is caused by a missed information in the Security Area in DSM Explorer


In order to fix the issue, the following steps can be performed

1. open DSM Explorer
2. Select "Security Profile"
3. Click on Add button
4. Open DSM R11 directory
5. select "custom" certificate for "reporter Access" 
6. click on "Add to list" button
7. Click on OK button

Under Class Permission give "Read" permission for Dabatabase Credentials

Confirm the same and test the functionality on DSM Reporter