OpenAPI pct_im_UtilizationIn / Out is about 1.5 times larger than the same field of Dashboard

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Last Modified Date : 04/04/2018
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My client creates monthly report by using Odata query (OpenAPI) data source.
However the network interface utilization percent of OpenAPI daily value is about 1.5 times larger than same Metric of Dashboard.
Doesn't the OpenAPI's "resolution=DAY" process mean value of the day?
The client used the OpenAPI metric field as portmfs: pct_im_UtilizationIn and pct_im_UtilizationOut.
When they use OpenAPI metric of im_UtilizationIn / im_UtilizationOut metric instead of that, then each OpenAPI and Dashboard value just matched.

OpenAPI metrics:   On-demand report metrics (Interface) :
----------------------  ---------------------------------------------
im_UtilizationIn   Utilization In - Average
min_im_UtilizationIn Utilization In - Minimum
max_im_UtilizationIn Utilization In - Maximum
std_im_UtilizationIn Utilization In - Standard Deviation
pct_im_UtilizationIn Utilization In - 95 Percentile