Open Workbench v2.1.2 does not save subprojects

Document ID : KB000031655
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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While using Open Workbench (OWB) v2.1.2 from PPM v14.2, if a project with subprojects is opened, all the subprojects are opened in "Read only" mode and changes to them will be ignored after committing changes back to PPM. Even if the master project is not modified, all subprojects will remain locked and in "Read only" if the master project is saved.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Log in to PPM with project-create Access

2. Create two projects, Master Project and Child Project

3. Access the Master project and add Child Project as subproject

4. Make sure the child project is set as Read/write

5. Open the Master project in OWB (Open Workbench)

6. Add tasks under both Master and Child Project

7. Now save the Master project

Expected Result: Both master and child projects have newly created tasks and both projects get unlocked after saving back to PPM and closing project in OWB.

Actual Result: Only master project has the newly created tasks, whereas the child project tasks are lost, and child project locked status is kept.


This is a known defect, CLRT-77897, that has been resolved in v14.2 Patch 5.

Customers using Open Workbench are encouraged to upgrade to the latest available generic patch for 14.2 (TEC1398937) and, after applying the patch, download and install updated Open Workbench client from Home > Personal > Account Settings > Software Downloads.

To verify that Open Workbench is in the correct version, clicking the blue "i" icon in its top right corner should display version "2.1.2  ( 05 12)" or greater after the upgrade.