Online program/dialog using DC/SORT fails with TPE7015E MAIN and AUX EXCEEDED- UNABLE TO CONTINUE. What is the possible reason for this error and what pools obtains this storage?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When the TPE7015E MAIN and AUX EXCEEDED occurs, change the DC/SORT macro, TPSPARM (located in PPOPTION for IDMS releases 17.0 and prior and CAGJSRC for  IDMS releases 18.0 and higher) to increase the amounts of main and auxiliary storage available  to hold the sort buffers. Information about this macro is located in the DC/SORT Option User Guide, Chapter 5 under section titled Customizing Considerations (see page 105). Assemble and relink TPSPARM. The Install CAISAG.CONFIG library member JOB03 contains sample JCL.

DC/SORT uses regular #GETSTG requests for MAIN storage and #GETSCR (XA Scratch) for AUX storage. This storage should be taken from above the line storage pool 128 unless a storage pool is defined specifically for USER storage. If the TASK is defined as BELOW then it will come out of 24 bit USER defined storage or pool 0.              

TPSPARM explains the MAIN. AUX and MINRBUF fields:                         

MAIN is the amount of Main storage used for internal sort buffers. The MAIN storage default at installation time is 10000 bytes, maximum.  Whereas the AUX (auxiliary) storage defaults at installation is 10000 bytes, maximum. Another parameter is MINRBUF.

MINRBUF is the minimum desirable number records in a sort buffer.


The default values in the TPSPARM macro, provided at install time, are:


     TPSCPARM MAIN =10000,       X

        AUX=10000,               X

        MINRBUF=100,             X

        LIMLOCK=N,               X







   Chapter 5 Operations, Customizing Considerations and Chapter 7 Messages