Online LOOK PROGRAM=RHDCPINT results in RC=0016 and module not loaded message

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When executing LOOK PROGRAM=RHDCPINT online at the Enter Next Task Code, it fails with a return code of 16 and message “Failed Trying to Load Module RHDCPINT”. However a batch execution of IDMSLOOK PROGRAM=RHDCPINT works successfully. Why this discrepancy?


IDMSLOOK  -  OPSYS=z/OS         Release 18.5 Service pack 0   tape GJI50B


IDMSLOOK  -  Failed Trying To Load Module RHDCPINT  -  Reason Code 16



Although the module RHDCPINT records what IDMS products have been installed that is not the method to locate this information. Instead use the online DCPROFIL task to display this information. You can execute IDMSLOOK in batch to view the RHDCPINT module however it will not provide the information about IDMS products installed in a readable form.

Again, the best method to find out what IDMS products have been installed is to execute the online task DCPROFIL at the Enter Next Task Code.

                             * Product Intent Status *                         

CA IDMS Core Products                   CA IDMS Tools Products               

---------------------                   ----------------------               

CA ADS                             YES  CA ADS Alive                  YES

CA ADS Batch                       YES  CA ADS Trace                  YES

CA ADS APPC                        YES  CA IDMS/DB Analyzer           YES

CA IDMS CMS Option                 NO   CA IDMS/DB Audit              YES

CA IDMS DDS                        YES  CA IDMS/DB Extractor          YES

CA IDMS Dictionary Loader          YES  CA IDMS/DB Reorg              YES

CA EDP Auditor                     NO   CA IDMS Dictionary Migrator   YES

CA ICMS                            YES  CA IDMS DML Online            YES

CA CULPRIT for CA IDMS             YES  CA IDMS Dictionary Mod Editor YES

CA IDMS/DB                         YES  CA IDMS Dictionary Query Fac  YES

CA IDMS/DC                         YES  CA IDMS Enforcer              YES

CA OLQ                             YES  CA IDMS Journal Analyzer      YES

CA IDMS/TP Monitor                 YES    CA IDMS Log Analyzer        YES

CA IDMS Performance Monitor        YES    CA IDMS Masterkey           YES

CA IDMS Presspack                  YES    CA IDMS Online Log Display  YES

CA IDMS Server                     YES    CA IDMS SASO                YES

CA IDMS SQL                        YES    CA IDMS Schema Mapper       YES

CA IDMS UCF                        YES    CA IDMS/DC Sort             YES

                                          CA IDMS Task Analyzer       YES


CA IDMS Transparency Options              CA Endevor/DB for IDMS               

----------------------------              ----------------------               

CA IDMS DBOMP Transparency         NO     CA Endevor/DB for CA IDMS   YES

CA IDMS DLI Transparency           NO                                          

CA IDMS TOTAL Transparency         NO                                           

CA IDMS VSAM Transparency          NO                                          


Additional Information:


CA IDMS System Tasks and Operator Commands, Chapter 2 System Tasks, DCPROFIL System Task