Online Log Display (Task LOGD) does not display recent DCLOG data. What is the possible cause?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Online Log Display is an IDMS Tool online product used to navigate data contained in the DCLOG. It is invoked at the Enter Task Code using the Task Code LOGD. The Main Menu contains 5 options and an optional setting 'ARCHIVED è Y or N’(Y-YES, N-NO).

‘ARCHIVED =è N’ means you are limiting the display by suppressing archived records. Records remain in the log until the active log area becomes full. At that time they become archived and may be-reused. If the flag is set to 'N' then LOGD will not display records that are flagged for re-use. USKEVNT which is the main log event report program  has a check status routine which checks the archived record status by skipping from page to page in the log and doing an OBTAIN DBKEY of the first record in each page until it finds a page that has not been flagged for re-use. 

Change the ‘ARCHIVED” setting from No to Yes in order to display the archived log records.




||                        CA IDMS ONLINE LOG DISPLAY                        

||                        RELEASE   R18.5                                   

||                        SELECT TYPE OF DISPLAY ===> 5                     


||                             1. IDMS-DC MESSAGES                          

||                             2. STATISTICS                                

||                             3. USER TRACE                                

||                             4. SNAP/DUMP                                 

||                             5. ALL LOG EVENTS                            

||                        (Y-YES, N-NO) ARCHIVED ===> N                     


||                        LOG OBTAIN LIMIT =========> 0000000               

||                        LOGD001-ENTER SELECTION                         


|| CLEAR-EXIT                   PF1-HELP                 PF2-SHOW PROFILE   

|| COPYRIGHT (C) 2007 CA. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.                              


Selection 5 – ‘All Log Events’ then displays the DCLOG records including the archived records:

==>                                                           06-17-15 12:35:27

LOGD002I-ENTER REQUEST           LOG EVENTS - ALL TYPES                CA, INC.


|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| TOP OF LOG EVENTS |||||||||||||||||||||||||||

150617 12:35:13 LTVTM002 TASK WIDE STATISTICS FOR BLOCK ID:                  

150615 22:50:01 DCSYSTEM  IDMS DC050001 V1850 T13 DCLOG IS 29% FULL          

150616 05:50:00 DCSYSTEM  IDMS DC050001 V1850 T13 DCLOG IS 12% FULL          

150616 08:36:33 LTVTM001  IDMS DC260100 V1850 USER:*** DCMT      D PRO ADSORUN

150616 08:36:33 LTVTM001 TASK WIDE STATISTICS FOR BLOCK ID:                  

150616 12:39:59 DCSYSTEM  IDMS DC050001 V1850 T13 DCLOG IS 24% FULL     

150616 12:46:26 LTVTM001 TASK WIDE STATISTICS FOR BLOCK ID:                   

150616 12:46:45 LTVTM001  IDMS DC260100 V1850 USER:BCB DCMT      D ACT XA RENT

150616 12:46:45 LTVTM001 TASK WIDE STATISTICS FOR BLOCK ID:                   



CA IDMS Online :Log Display Option User Guide, Chapter 3 Session , Step 2 – Select Type of Events from the Menu