On The Service Desk Manager usq Table, What Do obj_persid And role_persid Signify, And How Are They Related?

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Last Modified Date : 25/09/2018
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What values can users expect to see in the obj_persid and role_persid columns on the usq table in the Service Desk Manager MDB, and how are they related? 
The item obj_persid will show either the contact uuid or role id, based on what the scoreboard query was created for.
The item role_persid will show the role related to the contact or role the scoreboard query was created for.
For example, if you create a query for a specific contact, it'll show their uuid as obj_persid, and their role as role_persid.

A visual example of creating test Scoreboard Queries and viewing related information on the usq table:

Test Scoreboard Queries and Their References 
Additional Information:
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