On DSM console, all targets shows Protection Status as "Not Protected".

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In the DSM Explorer, all targets show Protection Status as "Not Protected".


The protection status provides an overview about the current security status of each single computer. The protection status can be Protected, Not Installed, or Not Protected, and it depends on the combination of the states of each product status (CA Anti-Virus, CA Anti-Spyware, CA HIPS).

The following table lists different protection states:

Int Value State Description
3ProtectedAt least one protection application (CA Anti-Virus/CA Anti-Spyware/CA HIPS) is installed and all the individual states of the installed products are "Operational."
0Not InstalledState of all 3 protection applications (CA Anti-Virus/CA Anti-Spyware/CA HIPS) is "Not Installed" or "Unknown" (no protection data retrieved yet or agent object is preregistered.)
1Not ProtectedProtection data has been retrieved and at least one of the individual states is different from "Operational" and "Not Installed."

The protection monitor module is delivered and installed as part of the asset management installation. It does not run permanently, but is started on-demand by the asset management agent during collection of the inventory data.

command: caf start amagent args //collect

The eTrust ITM or CA HIPS product must already be installed, configured, and running for the protection monitor to work properly. The protection monitor supports CA Anti-Virus 8.0 and 8.1, CA Anti-Spyware 8.0 and 8.1, and CA HIPS 1.0.

The protection monitor process broadly includes the following sequence of steps:

  1. Collects the product and signature information.

  2. Provides the collected information, a status for each security product and an overall protection status for the computer.

    Note: You can find this information under installPath\Agent\units\00000001\uam\PROT.INV.

  3. The collected data is sent to the manager as other inventory data.