OLQ 095021 - what does this message mean

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Last Modified Date : 25/10/2018
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Issuing OLQ statements against a native VSAM KSDS file can result in the following message:
OLQ 095021 08 VSAM KSDS records are not supported when currency must be restored
CA IDMS, all supported releases
CA-IDMS support for native VSAM KSDS records can not perform dbkey style DML verbs because there is no equivalent to dbkeys in KSDS files.
Some OLQ processing (online and batch) will try to issue FIND/OBTAIN DB-KEY statements.
When this happens, the 095021 abend message will be issued.
In particular, this can happen if an area sweep is being performed under a DEFINE PATH statement and there are no SETs defined on the KSDS record.
In order to avoid the 095021 abend, try one of the following circumventions:
1. Add a relevant SET definition for the CA-IDMS SCHEMA for the KSDS record.
2. Use another OLQ construct, such as a SELECT statement.
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