OneClick-server logfile (catalina.out | stdout.log) filling up with mysql messages

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Last Modified Date : 13/08/2018
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CA Spectrum install allows a DSS/Distributed Spectrum/SpectroSERVER install and also a "standalone OneClick-Server" install. 
This OneClick-server is acting as web-service only and appears to work fine providing OC-service to the OC-Console application. 

All OneClick-Console sessions are working fine and users/operators did not see a mal-function. Seeing the OC-server logfile exceptions is confusing. 
This OC-server (standalone install) is acting as web-service only and there are no other SpectroSERVER functionality/modules (like AlarmNotifier etc ..) on this host - still the CA Spectrum Processd service and then subsequent the "mysql" service are required to run. The OC-server (tomcat implemented Oneclick-server code) design and functionality require successful access to the Spectrum "mysql" service.

Missing the Spectrum "mysql" service is therefore reported to the Webserver logfile periodically.

The OC-server logfile (./tomcat/logs/catalina.out or stdout.log) is filling up with mysql messages periodically (every minutes few messages) - so seeing after some uptime ./tomcat/logs/catalina.out exceeding 300MB++.

This applies to all supported CA Spectrum platforms.

Ensure the CA Spectrum Processd service is started and is then successfully starting sub-service "mysql" in CA Spectrum context. 
Do not start "mysql" service manually - nor via non_Spectrum_install owner account. This could lead to file-access / permission conflicts which then will not allow mysql-service to run fine accessing all data. Also sub-sequent CA Spectrum processd service start then starting the mysql-service per Spectrum_install owner account may run into file-access / permission conflicts. This then may show "mysql"service running but is not operable for the CA Spectrum required functionality. 
Additional Information:
1:  All files under $SPECROOT/mysql are owned by Spectrum_install owner
2:  $SPECROOT/mysql/bin --> MYSQL.OUT file may show more details for mysql-runtime errors/exceptions
3:  starting(stopping)  CA Spectrum Processd service will always (per default install) handle the start/stop for the Spectrum mysql service

Note: When OC-service can not access the underlying "mysql" service, then the CA Spectrum MIB-Tools are not working.