Oauth accessibility over port 9443

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Last Modified Date : 24/05/2018
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How to change oauth manager to listen on port 9443 instead of default port 8443?
OTK 4.1
These are the policies the port is hardcoded. The policies which are for the test clients, not necessarily needed. 

Hash policies are editable, so copy the lines which has the port number from non hash policies to the hash policies. 
#OTK Authorization Server Configuration 
#OTK Variable Configuration 
#OTK Client Context Variables 
#OTK id_token configuration 
Policy for service #e001cfd0c1c1ffaa18e187b5e72fe62e, OAuth 2.0 Client - authorization_code 
Policy for service #e001cfd0c1c1ffaa18e187b5e72fe6b3, OAuth 2.0 Client - ropc 
Policy for service #e001cfd0c1c1ffaa18e187b5e72fe77a, OAuth 2.0 Client - SAML-Bearer 

Below 3 policies can directly be edited. 
OAuth manager config 
OTK OVP Configuration 
OTK Storage Configuration 

Restart SSG service after changes are done.