NX_CMDB_VISUALIZER environment variable on secondary servers is overwritten on services startup

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Scenario: Primary with Secondaries environment where we deployed a Visualizer Tomcat instance on each secondary server by using the pdm_edit.pl script and all needed steps,

and configured each secondary server to use the local running Visualizer server (that means, that when pdm_configure is run on each secondary, the NX variable, @NX_CMDB_VISUALIZER, in NX.env on each secondary server, is set to the secondary server host.)

Then, when starting the CA Service Desk Manager services (primary and each secondary), the value for NX_CMDB_VISUALIZER in the NX.env files on the secondaries gets overwritten by version control, causing this variable on each secondary server to the value specified for the primary server.


Version control processing includes taking the values from NX_ROOT\site\client_nx.env on the primary server and updating the local NX.env on each secondary server.

To avoid having the CMDB_VISUALIZER variable overwritten in secondaries, delete the line referencing CMDB_VISUALIZER in the client_nx.env file that exists on the primary server.

The line references the variable in this way:

Install , client , CMDB_VISUALIZER , http://nodename /....