Numeric overflow error in BG logs after POST TIMESHEET job completes

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Last Modified Date : 22/08/2018
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Upon reviewing the Background (BG) Services Log file, we discovered the following error message related to the 'Post Timesheets' job.

ERROR 2015-04-05 22:00:25,946 [Dispatch Thread-2057: bg@localserver] xql2.xbl
(none:none:none) ****POSTTIMESHEET: Error posting timesheet - unknown error-->timesheetID=5005480 Numeric overflow



This type of error message indicates a very large positive or negative numeric value in the investment's slice status field for which the job cannot process.

To resolve this issue, you can force a re-slice of the investment data by using the following steps:

1.      Use the following query to see which investments are in the specific Timesheet (put in the Timesheet ID noted in the log error message) 

i.odf_object_code, i.slice_status
FROM prtimeentry te, prassignment a, srm_resources r,
prtask tsk, inv_investments i
WHERE  1=1
AND te.prtimesheetid = 5005480
AND te.prassignmentid = a.prid
AND a.prresourceid =
AND a.prtaskid = tsk.prid
AND tsk.prprojectid =

2.      Analyze the results. Look for invalid, non-integer values in the slice_status column 
 For example if the slice_status = -5E+110 and not the expected valid values, then this would cause the error 

3.      The slice_status can be corrected by making an update directly in the application on the Investment by changing the Start Date or Finish Date 

  • Login to the application  
  • Navigate to Home, Projects, search for and open the project listed in the query results  
  • Change the Start Date or Finish Date and save the change  
  • You can change the date back to original value if needed  

4.      Execute the 'Time Slicing' job

5.      Execute the 'Post Timesheets' job again and check the log file for any further errors


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