null values in the custom Ad Hoc report

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Last Modified Date : 06/12/2018
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There are null value in the Ad Hoc report
The srmdbapi.v_fact_alarm_info table has null values. 
The reporting.alarminfo table has the same issue, null values.

mysql> select * from alarminfo where alarm_key=161063\G 
*************************** 1. row *************************** 
alarm_key: 161063 
alarm_id: 5bf31987-93fd-1057-00f3-800005002da9 
landscape_h: 1048576 
model_h: 1074516 
orig_event_key: 25819103 
orig_event_type: 67329 
condition_id: 1 
cause: 8523777 
set_time: 2018-11-19 18:13:59 
clear_time: 2018-11-20 11:13:22 
clear_user: NULL 
clear_user_key: 1 
alarm_title_id: 44010 
model_key: 83426 
persistent: 1 
impact_severity: 0 
ack_time: NULL 
ack_user_key: NULL 
first_assigned_time: NULL 
first_assigned_user_key: NULL 
first_assigning_user_key: NULL 
last_assigned_time: NULL 
last_assigned_user_key: NULL 
last_assigning_user_key: NULL 
set_troubleticket_time: NULL 
set_troubleticket_user_key: NULL 
set_troubleticket_id: NULL 
CA Spectrum 10.x
Someone has customized the 0x10707 code to disable storing the event into the DDMdb database. 
Enabled back the "Store Event in Historical Database" for the 0x10707 even code.