null landscape appearing in the Spectrum OneClick Landscapes page

Document ID : KB000041785
Last Modified Date : 03/12/2018
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A null landscape appearing in the OneClick Landscapes page. After running MapUpdate and HostUpdate to remove a retired landscape, the Spectrum OneClick Landscapes page is showing this landscape as null.



The install owner user still has a reference to this landscape 



Synchronize the install owner user model by doing the following:

1. Log into the OneClick console as an ADMIN user

2. Click on the Users tab

3. Find and select the Spectrum user that owns the Spectrum installation

4. Click in the Details tab in the Component Detail panel

5. Expand the Advanced subview

6. Click on the Synchronize Now button

7. Log out of OneClick

8. Restart Spectrum Tomcat on the OneClick system

9. Log into the OneClick web pages

10. Verify the null landscape has been removed

Additional Information:

Please reference the following information concerning removing a landscape from the Landscape Map in Spectrum:

Knowledge Document KB000019502 "How to remove a Landscape in Spectrum" located at

Knowledge Document KB000057295 "How to remove a landscape after it has been removed from the Spectrum environment." located at

Knowledge Document KB000040613 "How to Remove a Landscape in Spectrum 10.x" locates at

The "MapUpdate" section of the documentation located at