NSMEMSTR not routing IKED messages from Syslogd to Operlog to Automate

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Last Modified Date : 22/08/2018
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Today, on one of our development systems, IKED messages were NOT routing the tmessages to OPERLOG inorder to capture the message and Automate it. We could see only TRMD messages passing through the OPERLOG and rest all were not. Because of this, we are missing alert related to certificate expiration and Automation could trap it. Below is the syslog.conf we have setup. #All non Packet Filtering messages *.*;*.TRMD*.*.none;*.IKED.*.none;*.SSHD.*.none;*.NSSD.*.none;*.TN3270*.*.none;*.ftp*.*.none;*.OMPROUTE.*.none /var/log/syslogd/syslo #Console Messages *.crit;local4.none /dev/console #Info sent to soft link for PIPE for NETCOOL *.debug /opt/lpp/cai/nsmem/opr/config/ADEV/pipe/oprpipe0059 Please let us know what all the documentation required for investigation. 
 OPS 12.3 doesn't have option to route SYSLOGD messages to OPSLOG? 
Could you please let us know if there is any way or setup that we can configure to route syslogd messages to opslog in 12.3 version? 
The Documentation is correct on your question: This feature is available only with CA OPS/MVS 13.5. 
Yes, OPS/MVS 12.3 has a method to route syslogd messages to OPSLOG as USS events to be eligible for automation. 
So I guess this means you have never implemented this feature? 
Please refer to the OPS/MVS Install Guide: Install the Event Management of CCS for z/OS - please read the entire chapter. Here is the DocOPS link: