Notifying the Assignee of a Workflow Task when the Task Status changes

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Configuration to create a notification for an assignee when the Workflow task status changes.


This document help to allow to set notification for workflow status changes to assignee to followup any modification in the task


SMD 11.1 to 14.1


  1. Bring up the Change Category List.

    Figure 1

  2. Select Add.IT.Patch from the List and Click on Task Sequence No.#10:


  3. Click on the Pending Status under the Behavior List. Note that the Assignee is a Group called ServiceDesk.

    Figure 3

  4. It brings up the below Behavior Detail Screen.

    Figure 4

  5. Click on To Do and then Click on Update Actions on True Button to bring up the below Screen. Select Type as Multiple Notification and Click on Search Button:

    Figure 5

  6. Select Task Notification from Under Possible Actions and Click on >> to send it under the Right hand Side under Actions on True and Click on OK:

    Figure 6

  7. It comes back to the Below Screen.

    Figure 7

  8. Clicking on Task Notification in the above Screen brings up the below Screen and then click on the Objects Tab:

    Figure 8

  9. Clicking on Objects Tab brings up the below Screen. Initially there are no Objects set. Then Click on Update Object Contacts:

    Figure 9

  10. Clicking on Update Object Contacts button brings the below Screen. Click on Search Button:

    Figure 10

  11. Click on Search Button and it brings up the below Screen. Select Workflow Task Assignee and send it under Notification Recipients and Click on OK:

    Figure 11

  12. Now it comes back to the Task notification Macro detail Screen where the Objects has been Updated. Close the below window:

    Figure 12

  13. This takes us back to the below screen.

    Figure 13

  14. Close the Behavior Detail Window. It comes back to the WF Template detail window.

    Figure 14

This completes the process of Sending notifications to the Workflow Task Assignee on Pending Status.

Additional Information:


The same process listed above has to be followed on each of the different Workflow Task in a Change Category to send out Notification to the Assignee of a Workflow Task on Pending Status.

If you want to send out a Notification on a different status, e.g. Complete, follow the same process but instead of Clicking on Pending Status in Step #3 click on the appropriate status.

For CA Service Desk Manager 14.1 and later:

If you want to receive a notification for a workflow task of a Request, Incident, or Problem, apply similar steps to an "Area". So, in Step #1,  navigate to the Administration tab, open the Service Desk folder, open the Requests/Incidents/Problems folder, click on Areas.  Select an existing Area or create a new Area.  For the remaining steps, when creating some necessary new objects, instead of Change Order, set the Object Type to Requests/Incidents/Problems.